Bring ICYPAA to Boston


We are a group of young people from all over the Massachusetts and New England area uniting to bring ICYPAA to Boston.
We are passionate about uniting sober young people through young people’s conventions and events, while making these experiences readily available to newcomers in our area. It is our experience that we have stayed sober through service in young people’s AA, general service as well as the practice and implementation of the twelve steps, 12 traditions and 12 concepts., balanced with the incredibly fun, enthusiastic and quite impressive subtext of Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship that is YPAA!

Our committee is made up of several people who served on NECYPAA Boston, MSCYPAA, SSYPAA as well as both Advisory committees for said groups. We have attracted several newcomers who have just had their first taste of a young people’s conventions at NECYPAA and MSCYPAA and are inspired to get involved in a different area of service outside of the typical AA group. After putting together a successful NECYPAA and the rebirth of MSCYPAA after a 10-year hiatus, we are inspired and driven to bring ICYPAA back to Boston after 25 years…BRING IT BACK!!!

We are bidding because we all share a common passion- to stay sober, to be of service, create something bigger than ourselves and to unify the Massachusetts & New England area, while outreaching and making this experience to newcomers, or those who have been around a while, to get involved! Not only does bidding keep us sober, but it is enjoyable and challenges us to get out of our initial comfort zone and reach for bigger goals.

Many people on our host committee are hoping to use an ICYPAA host committee as a platform for going on to higher levels of general service in alcoholics anonymous in our area. AA in our area is comprised of several pockets of various meeting dynamics. Everything from Big Book Step Study to young people’s meetings. While NECYPAA and MSCYPAA have begun to unite these varieties of groups…it is our hope to create something new… young people’s groups that are more solidly based in the recovery program laid out in the 12 steps and 12 traditions, while infusing them with the passion and enthusiasm of strong fellowship.

Wouldn’t it be great if a newcomer could come to a new young people’s meeting and discover a synergy of these two elements? YES! And that is our hope as a potential ICYPAA host committee!

YPAA in our area is comprised of several small strong circles, and while these circles seem to be co-mingling more these days than they have in a while, we feel that hosting ICYPAA could and would further unite the different circles into one ever expanding circle of young people in Boston, Massachusetts, New England, The Eastern area of the United States, and beyond!

In Closing, our committee, if given ICYPAA, would outreach like ICYPAA has NEVER been outreached! With an emphasis on finding recovery through the synergy of the recovery program outlined in the 12 steps and 12 traditions AND passionate “joy of living” through strong fellowship (events, new meetings starting, attendance at conventions in and around our area, etc…)

We thank you for this opportunity to present to you our shared vision of synergizing Alcoholics Anonymous in our area!

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Host Committee Meeting

Join us for the next Host Committee meeting: Sunday, February 3rd at 3:00PM EDT at 59 Ashley St, East Boston, MA 02128

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We regularly put on events throughout New England to support ICYPAA and our host committee. Join us for parties, dances, beach days, whatever.

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Book a Room for ICYPAA

Reserve your hotel room for the 61st ICYPAA now before the block fills up!

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