About the Bid Process


The International Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (ICYPAA) was founded for the purpose of providing a setting for an annual celebration of sobriety among young people in AA. Since its inception, a growing group of people, who at first would not consider themselves as “young people,” has become regular attendees. The number of young people suffering from alcoholism who turn to AA for help is growing, and ICYPAA helps to carry AA’s message of recovery to alcoholics of all ages. This meeting provides an opportunity for young AA’s from all over the world to come together and share their experience, strength, and hope as members of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA members who attend an ICYPAA return home better prepared to receive young people who come to AA looking for a better way of life.

Young  People’s Groups in Alcoholics Anonymous began appearing around 1945 in  Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Philadelphia, and now they can be found all  across North America. In 1958, a meeting of young AA’s from across the  U.S. and Canada started what is now the International Conference of  Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (ICYPAA), and it has met on an  annual basis ever since. At the 1960 AA Convention, Bill W. noted that  the age of new members was much lower than when he and Dr. Bob founded  AA 25 years earlier. In a letter to ICYPAA dated June 15, 1969, Bill  wrote “… in recent years I have found nothing for greater inspiration  than the knowledge that A.A. of tomorrow will be safe, and certainly  magnificent, in the keeping of you who are the younger generation of  A.A. today.”

ICYPAA  provides visible evidence that large numbers of young people are  achieving a lasting and comfortable sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous.  The three legacies of AA — Recovery, Unity, and Service — are the  backbone of ICYPAA, just as they are throughout AA. ICYPAA has a long  history as an established AA conference. It regularly contributes to the  AA General Service Office, as well as to the Area Service Structure in  the local areas where it is held. ICYPAA and its attendees are also  committed to reaching out to the newcomer, and to involvement in every  other facet of AA service. ICYPAA participants can often be found  serving at the national, state, area, and group levels. Newcomers are  shown, by people their own age, that using AA principles in their daily  lives and getting involved in AA service can have a significant impact  on a lasting and comfortable sobriety.

Bid Requirements

  1. Create a roster of committee members.
  2. Provide detailed financial records from all committee activities.
  3. Detail the committee’s efforts to engage in AA’s legacies of recovery, unity and service.
  4. Supply documentation that shows the committee has read, understands, and agrees to comply with the Host Committee Responsibilities.
  5. Produce a copy of the committee’s proposed host committee guidelines, operating procedures and/or structure.
  6. Present a list of large-scale AA and non-AA activities scheduled to take place in your bidding region near the proposed conference dates.
  7. Produce a concise summary of applicable federal, state, provincial and local tax/business laws.
  8. Develop proposed conference theme and graphics for conference outreach material.
  9. Create a tentative outline of the conference program for each proposed facility.
  10. Present detailed proposed conference budgets that take into account variations in facility and AV costs.
  11. Obtain commitments from two or more distinct facilities able to accommodate the entire conference, both in sleeping rooms and meeting space.
  12. Obtain two quotes for audio-visual equipment and services for each proposed facility.

For detailed information about how to complete the bidding requirements and suggestions about what each bidding requirement should contain, please visit ICYPAA University. For examples from past bid books, please contact biddev@icypaa.org.

ICYPAA University

ICYPAA University is a series of interactive webinars where the ICYPAA advisory council offers their  understanding of the bid process, and provide information on how to fulfill the bid requirements. It’s free to register and open to anyone on an ICYPAA Bid Committee or related YPAA.

To attend, you must register for the webinar by following its link in the schedule below. Each webinar is approximately 2 hours and will be recorded and available for later reference.


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